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Three Little Words | A Poem

I always found it hard

To utter those three little words,

Scared of their power

What they’d become.

I couldn’t allow them to escape,

Captive within my breath

Until your permission

Gave them freedom.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward | Dead Again

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge asked us this: Sure — logical, clean order has its virtues. So does a bit of chaos, though (every once in a while). Instead of starting at your story’s Big Bang, drop us off right at the End of Time: the final line of a conversation, the last, dramatic moment of a journey, the messy aftermath of a wild night out. Then, devote the rest of your post to showing us how you got there.

As the bullet entered her chest, she knew. The world around her turned and faded, every ounce of colour draining before her eyes….until darkness fell. Until…nothing.

Una was trapped. Contained. There was no escape. They had finally caught up with her after almost 24 hours of running and hiding. She was tired, spent and had no fight left in her anymore…dropping the bag at her feet Una turned away from the wall to face her demons. With a deep breath, she opened her eyes….

The voices grew louder as Una ducked behind the refuse bin, one hand against the cold steel to steady herself and the other gripped firmly around the small bag. It’s contents unknown, but it wasn’t Una’s job to know. Just to deliver. If only she could make it around the next corner….

Moving through the crowd, she could feel her chest tighten, her pulse race. Una knew she was being followed and not just by one person, two, maybe three even. Trying to keep her composure she glanced momentarily back down the street. Eyes focused right ahead Una spotted her chance. A break in the traffic across the street. If she could quickly manoeuvre through it as the traffic slowed she may be able to gain more distance between her pursuers. Just as Una picked up her pace she heard a deep voice shouting from maybe 50 metres away…”Oi, guys! There she is the little Bitch!”

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Dead Space | Daily Prompt: Elevator

English: LED elevator floor indicator

English: LED elevator floor indicator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Checking her watch a third time, Letitia admitted defeat.

“I am definitely late” she thought.

With a deep sigh she pressed the elevator call button again. It really was one of those days…

Taking a gulp of her Caramel Macchiato, the doors pinged and opened slowly. Almost spilling the coffee down her pastel pink shirt Letitia stepped over the threshold and entered the small metal container that was to take her 34 floors up to Langsworth & Hyde, the City’s premier law firm for the last 8 years.

Flustered, she didn’t even notice the tall gaunt fellow stood in the corner until she looked up to check her hair in the reflective panel next to her. Startled, she felt slightly embarrassed. Less the fact she jumped out of her skin and more because she had been blatantly caught out checking herself in the mirror. Letitia was a proud woman.

Clearing his throat, the stranger spoke softly, “You cannot control your Destiny”

Bewildered, Letitia wasn’t sure she had heard him properly. As she looked through the mirror at the man she noticed that he wore dark sunglasses, dressed in a black pinstripe suit that seemed to hang off his slight frame.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable she chose not to respond.

“Your fate has already been decided lady”, the man continued. Running his bony fingers through his lank dark hair, his thin, pale lips cracked into a crooked smile, revealing broken yellow teeth.

Now she was feeling scared. Swallowing hard, Letitia looked away praying the elevator would miraculously zoom up to the 34th floor in record time. Contemplating hitting the emergency button she could not hide her unease.

“Not much longer to go now my dear…..” he rasped. Now looking over the top of the glasses, his eyes, grey, wide, and bloodshot penetrating through to Letitia’s soul.. The stranger reached inside his jacket and with his left hand pulled out a small metallic orb. No bigger than an egg it appeared to shimmer and shine in his palm. Perfectly round and perfectly clear it began to spin.

It was hypnotising.

“I’m s-s-sorry” Letitia whispered, her gaze transfixed on this impossible sphere, “I just n-n-need to get to Langs……”

“Shhhhh,” the Stranger interrupted, “No need to talk now, the process has started dear”

As the ball whirred and flashed, Letitia could feel an ice cold sliver working it’s way through her chest, rising up, she began to panic. Trying to reach the alarm, she discovered her arms were immobile. She was stuck, trapped. Frightened.

“Please, s-s-stop”, Letitia begged as a single tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek.

Taking a step closer, the Stranger brought the spinning sphere up to her face, wanting to look away, but to no avail, she couldn’t understand what was happening to her as the cold chilling swell caught in her throat, she wondered who this man was. What did he want? Why was this happening?

Almost as if he was reading her thoughts, the man spoke once more.

“This is your Fate and it is your Destiny, now is the time!”

As the overwhelming chill consumed her body, every hair stood on end, pins and needles flooded her arms and legs as the shivering grew more intense with every second. Now unable to speak, Letitia mutely gasped as her eyes rolled back and as her body snapped back in shock, the elevator plunged into darkness….

….the lights flickered momentarily, a quiet hum as the electricity buzzed back through the elevator, before illuminating the metal box once again. With a slow, rattling creak, the doors opened on to Langsworth & Hyde’s office space.

Mack, the law firm’s representative appeared at the doorway ready to greet his new client, knowing she was already running behind and eager to commence proceedings. Puzzled, he looked back towards his receptionist at the desk opposite. She gave a slight shrug and held her hands up to say “I don’t know?”

Peering into the elevator, Mack was confronted with an empty space, it had been called up to the 34th floor empty possibly, he wondered before he noticed a small shiny object, in the centre of the floor. A metallic orb, no bigger than an egg. As Mack stepped inside he carefully bent down to pick up the sphere, curious.

As he stood back up to observe this strange object, the elevator doors closed swiftly. Pressing the call button to open them again Mack stumbled back in shock. Stood in the corner was a tall gaunt fellow, wearing a black pinstripe suit and sunglasses. As a bewildered Mack stared on at the Stranger, he spoke.

“You cannot control your Destiny……”

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