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First 1000 Words

So, I’ve started to write ‘the book’…I know lots of you out there are going through the same thing, or indeed have already made it through to the other side of this vastly daunting, yet hugely rewarding experience. However, after a few stop-starts, I have made the first 1000 word hurdle.

Sure, it may sound pretty insignificant in the grand old scheme of things, but, I feel immensely proud. Firstly, because I have persisted even when I have sat here night on end blankly staring at the screen, willing my creative mind to explode onto the keyboard and propel my fingertips over the keys. But slowly, it’s coming, and with that, confidence and my self-belief is growing the more I see flourish on the page in front of me.

Secondly I wanted to share. To celebrate, to inspire and motivate.

Here’s to the next umpteen thousand words! Eeek!

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List of Published Poetry

So, I finally got round to getting my backside into gear and sitting down to write out the list of works I have written since the start of this year which have been (or will be) published. All pieces should be available to find and read on this blog!


  • Untitled – The Winter…’ has been published in Into The Shadows – A Collection of Poetry. This is available via Amazon and Waterstones (UK)
  • Closure‘ has been published in Poets In The Spotlight by United Press Ltd
  • Untitled – Oh Mother…’ will be published in the anthology A Mother to Me by Forward Poetry and is scheduled for publication in September
  • All of Me‘ will be published in the anthology Endless Love and is scheduled for publication in September plus it will also be published in the anthology Between The Lines by United Press Ltd.
  • Early Morning‘ will be published in the anthology Spirit of Spring which is scheduled for publication in October. (This is also the poem that was one of the 250 winners to be included in next year’s National Poetry Anthology 2014 which is a huge achievement for me after only starting poetry proper this year).


Thank you for all the support so far on my blog. Every like, comment and suggestion is always welcome and I am trying to get back into the swing of things with regards to writing new pieces as soon as possible. Appreciate all your visits!!



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Quick Update

Just a very quick update before I go to bed! (It’s 00:35am)

More new poetry will be released onto the blog very soon, that’s a promise, and at some point this week I’ll post about the news I have received regarding various pieces I have written that are to be included in Poetry Anthologies in the UK between September and May next year! Exciting stuff! I will list the publications and indicate which pieces correspond in due course.


Well that’s the quick update!


Speak VERY soon.



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Coming Soon…

Just a quick note to say that after a prolonged hiatus that was longer than intended, I will be returning to the blog on a regular basis again. Now having a job, I find less time in the night when my creativity is really at its strongest. So really I wanted to let you guys know that I didn’t disappear, I will be back very shortly, with new prose and pictures!

Thank you 🙂


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