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Escape to the Sun | A Poem


Dissolve into scrolling white sands


Fall upon crystal clear waters


Discover the whispering breeze


Absorb the heat of the midday sun


Captures the moment in one beat.

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Sunny Day – A Poem

Angel Cloud - HDR

Warmth of the sun beats down on my skin, sat out the back with my headphones in.

Laura Mvula singing in my ears, smiling on the inside as the next track nears.

Birds flying overhead, clouds are scattered high

Breeze is blowing lightly as the deep blue fills the sky.

Happy days are here again, count my blessings one through ten

© Matthew T. Aspden

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Look Up To The Sky

Look Up To The Sky

This was taken last year in the Lake District, I was trying different angles and perspectives. Think this worked well by lying on the ground and positioning the camera upwards slightly.

© Matthew T. Aspden

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Steps to Heaven

Steps to Heaven

This was taken last summer in the Lake District, England, UK. The timing of the picture was just right, as the sun broke at the top of the stones steps. I thought it looked heavenly, even though I’m not a religious person myself, it’s a calming, reflective piece.

© Matthew T. Aspden

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