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Three Little Words | A Poem

I always found it hard

To utter those three little words,

Scared of their power

What they’d become.

I couldn’t allow them to escape,

Captive within my breath

Until your permission

Gave them freedom.

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Silent Strength | A Poem

Fear not, strength find, and dignity shall keep

Prepare for a test of the mind and heart.

Love strong, keep close, and your courage deep,

When everything tries to pull you apart.

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Sometimes | A Poetic Tribute

After hearing about the extremely sad news of Robin Williams passing early this morning, it struck a chord with me personally. Depression has many levels and affects many many people in different ways. Some people cope…some…don’t. I was inspired to write a small piece of poetry in honour of an amazing man who brought so much, to so many.


Sometimes it’s a desperation, sometimes it’s a head full of lead.

Sometimes it’s a endless nightmare, sometimes you’d rather be dead.

Sometimes it’s a saddened heart, sometimes it’s a distorted mind.

Sometimes it’s a fear within you, sometimes it’s a daily grind.

Sometimes you just can’t explain it, sometimes it’s always there.

Sometimes you let it beat you, sometimes it isn’t fair.

But sometimes the days are lighter, sometimes the fog does clear

And sometimes the love of others reminds us why we’re still here.

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White Flag | A Poem

Do we ever really know someone
When you think there’s trust when it could be gone?
And you’re scared its too late to be making amends
Cos you thought you’d always be the best of friends?

You feel like you cant do right for doing wrong
When all you really want is just to get along.
And you’re tired of feeling like you’ve made a mistake
Cos you feel like you’ve had more than you can take.

Over thinking situations over in your head
When really there’s plenty more to be said.
But you’re scared of the hurt that you might cause
By expressing your feelings, so you put them on pause.

I miss how it was and want to go back
To sort this all out and to get back on track.
I love you so dearly, a real special friend.
And hope this is something that we can amend.

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In Momento Temporis

Hold me to your chest

Let your heartbeat do the rest

I just want to hear you live

You have so much more to give

Let me feel the warmth of skin

Hear the breath come from within

And then I’ll know that it’s ok

I got you here for one more day.

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Leaving Me – A Poem

Leave me breathless in the winter

When the snow begins to fall

Take my heart and leave me empty

Go ahead and take it all


Take my life, take my freedom

And throw away the key

Leave me broken, leave me stranded

If that’s the way it has to be


Leave me frozen in the Summer

Even though the sun begins to shine

Take my soul and leave me hollow

As it’s no longer mine


Take my life, take my freedom

As you walk out of that door

Leave me single, leave me silent

You’re not taking any more.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue | The Last Goodbye

“I’m so, so sorry…..” she said, as she looked out of the frosted window, her warm breath revealed as it met the frozen glass. The salt from her captive tears stung her eyes.

“It’s ok Kid”, he replied, “I guess it has to be this way now.” The brave warm smile betraying his true emotions inside. He picked up the suitcase, heavy, like his heart.

They had been together for nine years, nine amazing years. They had known each other inside out. But today, they didn’t know each other at all. They were strangers once more. The snow outside twirled in a flurry, whipping up against the window, then back down again to the street below. It was -10 degrees outside this morning. The mood was not much warmer inside.

“Having to choose,” her voice broke, the words catching the back of her throat. Stuck, and unwilling to escape voluntarily she had to force them out, a dry rasp as she continued, “it…was the… hardest…. decision…. of my… life.”

Kid rested her forehead against the coolness of the window, providing temporary relief from the throbbing in her head, emotions and thoughts bubbling and swarming around inside. It hurt. She heard him shuffle towards the door, taking purposeful steps.

It felt like a lifetime before he spoke again, in reality it may have been five minutes, most likely no more than two.

“Yet…you chose the easiest way out……didn’t ya Kid….”

She blinked. At last. The torrent of sadness erupted and flowed down her reddened face. Deep heavy sobs shaking her chest. Kid took a large breath in between the sobs, it had felt like forever she had been holding it in. Using the cuff of her well worn denim shirt, she mopped and padded her cheeks. Soaking up the tears as quick as they fell….

Kid turned away from the window to say Sorry once again…..

….to be faced with an empty doorway…

…he had gone.

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