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Escape to the Sun | A Poem


Dissolve into scrolling white sands


Fall upon crystal clear waters


Discover the whispering breeze


Absorb the heat of the midday sun


Captures the moment in one beat.

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The Moth

A solitary moth

Flutters by the light

Uncertain on its journey

As it passes through the night


Its wings beat and glide

As it manoeuvres through the air

The Moon shines on brightly

But the moth knows not where


Loneliness, yet freedom

On its journey it embarks

And the moth continues on and on

As it disappears into the dark

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Homeless | Daily Prompt: Journey

Photographers, show us JOURNEY.


Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to portray ‘Journey’ either through a written piece about travel, or an emotional journey, or through a photograph. I have chosen the latter. This Black & White image I took shows a homeless man, wandering through the park with everything he owns in just a few bags and bundles, that seem to be bursting at the seams.

He is quite evidently on his own personal journey, a struggle I can imagine.

But where will his journey take him?

Where has he been?

This post is in response to:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/daily-prompt-journey/

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Hell-Fire Caves

Hell-Fire Caves

This week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post asked us to share a photograph which, to us, means: Escape

I chose this photograph that I took a few years ago mainly because I love the atmosphere from the image. The shadows, the unknown, the single figure walking into pitch darkness… Escaping.

I like to think it tells a story, maybe the person is Escaping into the shadows, hiding away from the world. Wanting to get away from everything. Allowing themselves to be consumed by the dark. That could also be symbolic of depression.

Maybe the person is trapped in the caves, an unknown terror lurks in the deep. Desperately trying to Escape, but struggling to find a way out. Disorientated and lost. Gripped by panic and fear?

However you wish to look at it, I think it throws up a number of possibilities and that’s what I love about this photograph.

This post is in response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/photo-challenge-escape

Useful Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellfire_Caves

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Time Was – A Poem

Time was when I was a different man

As I take these steps through a foreign land

A journey travelled with an open mind

A past of longing I have left behind.

Time was when I knew a different me

But I knew that was not the way to be.

Breaking boundaries with my creative mind.

Excited at the prospects I have yet to find.

I’m travelling alone, but I don’t feel so lost

Cos I got myself together without paying the cost.

These words are my therapy and that’s all I need.

A way to breakthrough, and a way to succeed.

Time was when I was a different man

But I’m happy with life, now I have a new plan.

© Matthew T. Aspden

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