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Silent Strength | A Poem

Fear not, strength find, and dignity shall keep

Prepare for a test of the mind and heart.

Love strong, keep close, and your courage deep,

When everything tries to pull you apart.

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Life Isn’t Fair | A Poem

In a flicker of a moment, all we knew had gone away

The dust left there before us in the harsh cold light of day

No reasoning, nor common sense, no way of understanding why

Accept, we must, which cards are dealt, as the hands of time tick by.

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Reflection | Random Experimental Poetry & Fiction

Standing at the top of the mountain I can see far beyond the horizon, I can see my past and future, all across infinity, the paths I chose, the paths I left behind and the paths I have yet to walk.

The cool softness of the wind, spirals up and seduces my skin, reminding me of my existence and bringing me back to now. I am here. Looking out to the East I see the Sun rising slowly and effortlessly up through the vast pale blue sky.

My memories are out there, thousands of miles into the distance, hidden amongst the mountains and streams and even the clouds above. Resonating. Everything around me in this moment, is me. I am in the moment.

Holding out my hand, I offer my heart. I can feel the pull of the energy forming, creating. In a burst of sunlight through the clouds, my heart is gone. Taken by the past. Out there, in the great beyond, amongst the shadows and the dark my heart starts its work.

Closing my eyes, I slow my breath. Void of feeling I clear my mind. And I am given sight of something new. The Sun is now hidden, my face is cool, and now wet as delicate rain drops spit spatter onto my forehead and cheeks. Refreshing and revitalizing. I am being reborn through nature.

I am being given a new heart. I feel the beat within me, the knowledge that I am once again alive.

Opening my eyes, the rain stops. I look out to the horizon, now covered in haze. The past now concealed. I turn away and start my journey back down the mountain. I am ready to start again. I am free.

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I Believe In Me – A Poem

I’m the best-seller that nobody reads, I’m a framed Michelangelo that nobody sees. The brightest star in the sky yet outshone by the rest, and the harder I try is never my best. A shadow in daylight, a glow in the dark, as I aim for the target, but keep missing the mark. Not a failure nor loser, a preacher nor sinner. I know in my heart that I’m still a winner

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Leaving Me – A Poem

Leave me breathless in the winter

When the snow begins to fall

Take my heart and leave me empty

Go ahead and take it all


Take my life, take my freedom

And throw away the key

Leave me broken, leave me stranded

If that’s the way it has to be


Leave me frozen in the Summer

Even though the sun begins to shine

Take my soul and leave me hollow

As it’s no longer mine


Take my life, take my freedom

As you walk out of that door

Leave me single, leave me silent

You’re not taking any more.

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Solitude Heart – A Poem

A lonely soul

With the bravest smile

A heart that aches

For the longest while.

A tortured man

Disillusioned heart

Fragmented spirit

Torn apart.

A longing felt

Day after day

Hollow emptiness

Never fades away.

An incomplete,

An unsure mind

An unknown future

Yet to find.

A quietness given

The words not spoken

Fragility kept

And security broken.

Fractured torment

Emotions shaken

A single man

His heart yet taken.

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The Lady of Brackenmyre (prologue) – A Poem

There’s a Far Away town, where day does not come

In Shadows and Darkness the voices are one.

Prying eyes through the windows and hushed tones linger there,

as the souls all lie restless and secrets laid bare.

Death and Decay dance a merry Olde dance,

whilst Fate and Desire are both left to chance.

But the widow in waiting knows more than she tells,

with her wretched old husband under one of her spells.

Yet not witchcraft nor wizardry are playing a part,

just old fashioned revenge from a neglected heart.

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First Love – A Poem

After all this time, and the years have passed by

I never fully understood why.

Unanswered questions, things left unresolved

Wondering why I ever got involved.

You messed with my mind, you toyed with my heart,

Gripped like a vice, then tore it apart.

I sit here and wonder, how things might have been,

What we could have done, and what we could have seen.

If’s But’s and Maybe’s, that’s all that it was

A life never known, and all because

You couldn’t commit, you couldn’t say yes,

You couldn’t acknowledge your head was a mess.

Cruel to be kind, isn’t that what they say

But it’s hard to forgive when I’m feeling this way.

Time has now passed, but some feelings remain

An etched mark on my heart, a symbol of pain.

Your new life elsewhere, far away from the past

Enough distance between us, for eternity to last.

I’m now letting go, although years you’ve been free.

And I wish you the best, much love sent from me.

© Matthew T. Aspden


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Closure – A Poem

A flickering ember on my heart, where you once held a place.

Fades as a memory, yet I picture your face,

Extinguish all hope, no desire waits for you.

This ember has gone, no trace, not a clue.


© Matthew T. Aspden

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