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Escape to the Sun | A Poem


Dissolve into scrolling white sands


Fall upon crystal clear waters


Discover the whispering breeze


Absorb the heat of the midday sun


Captures the moment in one beat.

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The Lady of Brackenmyre (prologue) – A Poem

There’s a Far Away town, where day does not come

In Shadows and Darkness the voices are one.

Prying eyes through the windows and hushed tones linger there,

as the souls all lie restless and secrets laid bare.

Death and Decay dance a merry Olde dance,

whilst Fate and Desire are both left to chance.

But the widow in waiting knows more than she tells,

with her wretched old husband under one of her spells.

Yet not witchcraft nor wizardry are playing a part,

just old fashioned revenge from a neglected heart.

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