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Book Cover Sneak Preview

Update: This is Version 2.0

Update: This is Version 2.0

Book Cover Draft 1

 I’d love any comments on this artwork I’ve mocked up for my first novel coming soon, I’m hoping to get it released onto Kindle in the next couple of months. Is it inviting? Does it grab your attention? Does it make you want to read inside? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Inked – A Poem


There’s something about that mild burning pain

As the needle drags through with the ink blood stain

And the hum of the jet whirrs over the skin

And the smell of the air as the ink goes in.

The lines and the shading, the two tonal grading

As shapes take their form, and the design is now borne,

It’s all in the colour, the black and the white,

The names of your loved ones, or birds taking flight.

A memory, or treasure, inked in for your pleasure

A permanent mark, a branding on flesh

And even when over the pain is still fresh.

No rules are set, or bound by restriction

That’s why I love my ink addiction.

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