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My Youth In Years | A preview of my new project

As I’m trying to ‘get back’ into my writing, I thought I would experiment by using autobiographical snippets of my childhood. Format wise, I opted out of the normal chronological order and instead flip backwards, then forwards and so on. Please read the beginning of this project below; I’d appreciate any feedback on style, format, language, flow, content. I’m really open to advice from a fresh perspective. Please feel free to leave comments at the end of this ‘preview’.

Thank You.


Casting my mind back to the long hot summer months of the mid-eighties always fills my heart with warmth and fond memories. Big burning golden afternoons followed by pink sunset skies as the unforgivable heat gave way to a relieving cool breeze which seemed to drape over our bare arms and shoulders. I replay those thoughts in my head and it’s like a viewing of an old VHS tape or Camcorder video, the images are ever so slightly tainted and distorted, but the colours and sounds as vivid as ever. I can still hear the laughter and joyful screams of child’s play, while the smell of the trees we used to climb and the warmth of the grass we used to lay on are as clear as yesterday.


It was the 28th of November and apparently a cold and late winter’s evening. The North of England, a small industrial town set some miles outside of Manchester, was where I was to be born. Amongst the backdrop of run-down cotton mills, factories and the large bleak barren moors, my Mother was preparing to give birth to her second child. A boy. The labour was long and drawn out and not without its complications. So much so, that immediately after my dramatic arrival, my Mother was in a critical condition and there was a very real risk that Death was to all too quickly follow Life. The irony was certainly not lost when I discovered that day was a Wednesday.


During my early to mid teenage years, divorce was somewhat of a rarity amongst those that I knew and associated with. It just seemed to be that all my friends had a Mum and a Dad and they were together and happy. My childish naivety allowed me to continue through my high school years believing that my own parents were immune to this curse. Our family was solid as a rock and although as the months went by and things started to feel a little strained at home, I was at least comforted by the fact that I had my Mum, and I had my Dad, my big Sister was there and we were all together. It was one early morning before school, as I was getting ready that I had noticed while walking past the living-room doorway, an alarm clock set on the floor. With an obvious curiosity and unassuming approach I proceeded to ask my Mum why it was there. In no more than a sentence, I had learnt that my Dad had slept on the settee the previous night. Within a couple of weeks, he had moved out.

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Animalistic | Creative Writing Challenge: Metamorphosis

Originally posted 18 months ago, time to revisit one of my more popular pieces.


Those naughty biochemists have been busy again, and have accidentally released a powerful mutative toxin into the water supply by mistake. Result? People left, right, and center are transforming into the animals they most resemble (in character, or looks) by the light of the full moon. 

Tell us the tale of a human-animal transformation.



The midnight moon reflected brightly over the water of the river bank, the long reeds gently swaying in the warm breeze. As Anna removed her bikini top she felt alive again. Sure it was risky, there was an element of danger, but that’s the one thing Anna never did…play by the rules. With a cheeky grin, Geoff surveyed her body. His lustful eyes lingering over every curve. As he went to touch, Anna quickly brushed his advances away with a playful slap.

“Not until we’re in the water Mister!…” Anna reminded him, “…and…

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Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

When I started this blog at the beginning of April 2013, I originally intended to use it to publish my old poetry and some of my favourite photographs that I had taken over the years. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much from it. Maybe at most, the odd comment or like here and there, with a view to pop back every now and then with some new pieces to add on.

Ultimately my goal was to share my work and see if others liked it.

What happened truthfully was that it reignited my passion for writing first and foremost. I found myself inspired to create new poetry, to express myself and wanting to share it on the blog. At first I was getting a couple of likes here and there as expected, which fuelled my interest further. From there I went onto explore WordPress and all it has to offer. Reading tips and guides on how to improve my blog, how to get more interest and response, how to interact with others on here. It was a revelation.

With a new found desire to keep improving and adding to my blog I followed the advice I had read, the comments from followers (which were increasing week by week) and took onboard everything. I changed my theme a handful of times, played around with posts, edited submissions and improved the way my blog ran.

Now I am focused I find myself on here daily. If I am not posting a new poem, or submitting an entry for a daily/weekly challenge, I check the Reader, or the Daily Post. Have a browse through Freshly Pressed. I think it’s fair to say that my initial ‘goal’ was met quite early on, but with keeping a blog, I find the ‘goal’ shifts and you find yourself wanted to fulfil another one. That in turn inspires you to create, and interact and also build a better platform to showcase your work, whether for yourself or for others.

My new/next goal is to create an ongoing piece of online fiction to expand the interest on my blog, to create repeat views, but ultimately because it’s what I really want to do now. And once I manage to get that first chapter down and online here I look forward to receiving comments, sharing, and researching to make it even better.

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