Doctor Who at 50

Fifty years ago,

November 1963,

A brand new Sci-Fi show began, on the BBC.

A grubby disused junkyard,

76 Totters Lane,

Where Ian and Barbara’s lives would never be the same again.

They followed Susan Foreman home,

From Coal Hill School that day,

And all they found was the Police Public Call Box to their dismay.

When suddenly an aged man,

Proceeded to walk right through,

And all of Time and Space was there, just beyond the Blue.

For Susan was his Grandaughter,

And nothing really shocked her,

For this old man, was wise and brave and called himself The Doctor.

They stepped inside the big Blue box,

Full of might and vigour.

But quickly stopped, and gasped in awe, the inside was much Bigger.

Impossible they then both said,

It defies every convention!

“Nonsense” The Doctor muttered then, “You’re in the 4th Dimension”


So 50 years have passed since then, the Anniversary will chime.

We can look back on all the Adventures we’ve had through Space and Time.

This is my own special little ode, to the Mad Man in a box, big and Blue.

From Hartnell to Davison and Baker to Smith, the fantastical Doctor Who.








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One thought on “Doctor Who at 50

  1. Ifrah A. says:

    Hey there!

    I’ve been an occasional viewer of your blog and I must say, I enjoy reading your poems and your photography is pretty cool. I wish you the best of luck for your blog!

    Moving on, I wanted to ask you if you’re interested in something called “My Writing Process Blog Tour”. If you’re interested, then please e-mail me at

    Much appreciated!

    Ifrah A.

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