Death in the Night – A Poem

The howling wind and the pouring rain

She climbed up the stairs to hide her pain

The moonlight shone through the window ahead

As she turned on the landing, and slipped into bed.

Her tears fell so quickly, and dampened her cheek

As the night held her prisoner and dreams she did seek.

The window flew open, and in came the storm

She sat up in bed, bewildered, forlorn.

A figure, so dark, appeared by her side.

Shrouded in black, she wanted to hide.

Bare feet on the floor, the cold made her gasp

A feeble escape, she was now in his grasp.

Tumbling and falling, both now on the floor

She wriggled and scrambled and made for the door.

But the door slammed shut loudly, it echoed on

And she let out a sigh, knowing her chance was gone.

Death loomed above her, and blink she did not.

Ready and waiting her life now forgot.

A flash from outside, and the lightning struck fast

And the thunder rolled on in the night sky so vast.

Her choice was made, no way out was there.

As Death now consumed her and left her soul bare.

She had now lost, no game left to be won.

And all life in that house, ceased to be, now gone.

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