Leaving Me – A Poem

Leave me breathless in the winter

When the snow begins to fall

Take my heart and leave me empty

Go ahead and take it all


Take my life, take my freedom

And throw away the key

Leave me broken, leave me stranded

If that’s the way it has to be


Leave me frozen in the Summer

Even though the sun begins to shine

Take my soul and leave me hollow

As it’s no longer mine


Take my life, take my freedom

As you walk out of that door

Leave me single, leave me silent

You’re not taking any more.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Me – A Poem

  1. itsthelitchick says:

    Love it! Love your use of nature. So Romantic (capital R). I give you props for the rhyming. I find it one of the most difficult things to do in writing

    • mattaspden28 says:

      Thank you so much! I experiment often with either rhyme or free form but I have to admit, I find the challenge of rhyme much more exciting, I like the flow of the verse and the rhythm you can create. Appreciate your kind words and for stopping by 🙂

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