Animalistic pt. 2 | Creative Writing Challenge: Metamorphosis


Those naughty biochemists have been busy again, and have accidentally released a powerful mutative toxin into the water supply by mistake. Result? People left, right, and center are transforming into the animals they most resemble (in character, or looks) by the light of the full moon.

Tell us the tale of a human-animal transformation.



Frank Dewey slid the bolt across the reinforced metal fence and pulled in open, the sound of rusting hinges scraping together struck the still morning air. The day was heating up rapidly, with not a single cloud in the sky, there was no shade to get relief. Flies buzzed around the reeds and grasses, flittering from one area to another, a swarm. As Anna and Geoff followed on they could now see, in broad daylight, what a mess and dump this place was. Empty containers, metal drums, dirty rags were strewn across the riverbank.

Anna had realised, as soon as Frank had mentioned that he had used this place to illegally dispose of all the toxic waste from the laboratories, that she and Geoff could be in serious trouble. Now instantly regretting last night’s dalliance in the lake, knowing full well what else had been taking a midnight dip, floating in the waters. Even in this heat, Anna shuddered.

Stopping for a moment, Frank who was leading the group further in to this cesspit, turned to face the other two. Holding his arms out to his sides he reluctantly gestured to all the mess that littered the land around them.

“So, you can kind of see what kind of trouble I’m in!” he announced.

Geoff gently rolled a plastic container under his foot, revealing it to be a highly toxic bottle of Batrachotoxin.

“What the Hell?!” Geoff exclaimed, “You even had this crap in the labs?”

Anna glanced over, Geoff was well within his rights to be angry, she thought. Seeing the label herself, Anna was in disbelief at the severity of the situation. Potentially the world’s most dangerous chemical, exposed and lying around these marshes by the riverbank. Anna knew full well that Batrachotoxin was the most potent poison known, deriving from Frog excretions, passed on through the digestion of Melyrid beetles. Used in poison darts, this is what it was most famous for.

“You realise this stuff can be fatal if ingested directly into the bloodstream Frank?!, Anna cried out, hands on her head.

Frank shot a look of panic over to Anna, even though he knew exactly what these chemicals and poisons were capable of doing, it had only become real now someone else had vocalised the danger. Furiously mopping his sodden brow with his shirt sleeve, Frank stumbled over the grass and foilage around, trying to think of a plan. But he couldn’t.

“Well, ok, Anna…Geoff,”, he asked in turn, “At least we know that no-one has been in here other than me, and there is no other access across the whole perimeter of this land, right up to around the lake down there”

“You can be totally, 100%, sure of that can you?” Geoff replied.

Confused, Frank shrugged. “Course I can, I mean, I’m the only one with keys, well, apart from A…..”, he stopped mid sentence. Taking a minute to realise. Anna also had a set of keys, as the designated key-holder in Frank’s absence. But as Frank had never been absent in all 4 years of his employment here at ChemCorp, he had totally forgotten about the spare set.

“You’re not saying you guys have been in here are you? Please say you haven’t been in here!” he pleaded.

Glancing at each other like a couple of kids being told off by their parents for fighting, Anna and Geoff nodded.

“Aw Christ”


Back inside, Frank, Anna and Geoff made their way up to Frank’s lab. More colleagues had arrived now so they had to be discreet and careful. Negotiating the corridor along the 5th floor mezzanine, they quickly poured into the vacant room and locked the door behind them. Taking a seat at his desk, Frank put his head into his hands and sighed.

Anna and Geoff had explained what had happened briefly last night, obviously a watered-down, censored version, but Frank had definitely got the gist of things. They had both been exposed to the lake and its contents, prolonged exposure it had seemed. And as Frank tried to reason with himself that everything would be fine, he knew that the likelihood was, that it was going to be anything but fine.

“Show me these marks you mentioned.” Frank insisted.

Geoff approached the desk and carefully pulled his shirt collar open to one side, revealing the weeping, green scab that had now spread further down his neck and onto his chest. Pus filled blisters glistened under the harsh strip lighting of the lab. Reaching down to the drawers on the desk, Frank pulled out a small medi-kit. After a moment or two of fumbling around it’s disorganised contents, he managed to extract a couple of testing swabs. Gently applying a small amount of pressure to one of the blisters on Geoff’s neck, Frank was able to burst the sac and take a specimen of the fluid that oozed out.

“Jesus Frank! You could have warned me!”, Geoff retaliated as the stinging sensation spread through his chest.

Anna was next, and after witnessing what had just happened to Geoff, she was quite obviously reluctant to offer up herself for the swab. Closing her eyes and trying to think of something nice and relaxing, Anna chose to sit down on one of the lab chairs. She wasn’t good with pain. With a deep breath, she indicated to Frank that she was ready.

She felt the pressure first, as the swab gently pressed down on one the blisters. Then the warmth of the fluid trickle down her neck. Then a sharp, intense burn seemed to erupt from the epicentre of the burst sac, and the stinging sensation escalated along her collar bone and down to her chest. Taking her breath away, Anna gripped both arms of the lab chair in shock.

“I’m sorry,” Frank offered, genuinely. “It is a highly toxic poison I’m extracting here, but it’s obviously not pure anymore. You’re both alive for one thing, I can only assume the chemical qualities have neutralised somewhat in the water from the lake, I need to run some quick tests and find out if there are any cross-overs.”

Geoff looked puzzled.


“Yeah, sorry, it’s the term I use when certain chemical compounds and toxins mix, they sometimes, ‘cross-over’ at a molecular level to create new strains”, Frank explained.

“So how long will it take you to run these ‘quick tests’?” Anna asked, rather hoping a solution to this epic problem would be found sooner rather than later.

Frank reassured them both that he would only need an hour or so, although he knew that may not be the case, but damage limitation was in place, and didn’t want to pressure or scare Anna or Geoff anymore than they were feeling at this moment. Frank suggested that they take the keys to his apartment and wait there. He would sign them both out and try to cover for their absences until he was able to get back to them with the results. They clearly could not stay here with the risk of being seen and exposing the rashes that were growing and spreading by the hour. Agreeing to use Geoff’s car, he and Anna took the back stairwell leading from the fire exit.

Now on the East side of the car park, they were able to manoeuvre over to Geoff’s car quite easily without being seen from the office windows from around the front of the building. Starting the car, they both gave each other another look. Like it or not, they were both in this together.



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