Out of Work? You WILL be ok

jump-for-joyWell… Where to start?

Firstly I will just explain that for the past year I have been unemployed, and for those of you in the same situation you will know how hard this can be. Especially in today’s current economic climate, where there are now on average 50 people applying for each new job vacancy, the challenge is so much greater and that’s when there are jobs on offer in the first place!

So the past 12 months have been a struggle, both financially (benefit cuts and increase in living costs in the UK have changed things drastically for those out of work) and mentally. When most people imagine being out of work, they think, “Fantastic!” assuming that they will have all this free time to do things, sit around watching daytime television, going shopping, hanging out with friends and just basically living life without having to worry about the stresses of the daily grind.

It really isn’t like that. First of all, the majority of your friends will be at work themselves. So trying to arrange things to do with all your spare time will be tough. Your income, this will barely allow you to get through a month without having to make sacrifices, be it food, treats, going out at weekends. If you’ve budgeted to save money before, this is the ‘take no prisoners’ version. It’s tough.

So you’re struggling financially to get through the weeks, and months, but then you realise it’s taking it’s toll on you personally. If it’s not the de-motivation from not receiving responses from all the job applications you send out, it’s the lack of interaction from other people, the loneliness, the self-doubt and guilt you start to feel being out of work for so long.

The monotonous days merge into long dark nights, and the further you go on like this the worse it gets, and the harder it is to drag yourself back up.

But NEVER give up. You must persist and try to stay positive. As I have learnt, after all this time out of work – it pays off eventually.

Yesterday I received a call with an offer of employment. The relief, joy and release that I felt after so long was unmeasurable. You see, it’s not just ‘having a job’ to me. It’s having a life. Being employed gives you motivation, it gives you freedom, gives you reason to get up in the mornings and get into a routine. It pays the bills, it introduces new friends and it gives you a place in the world again.

So as of next Tuesday 28th May, I’m back to work. I am picking up my suit trousers from the Dry Cleaners this afternoon and prepping myself for the first day of training. I just want other people to know that if you are struggling, and down, and feel that there is no hope, or light at the end of the very long unemployment tunnel, then stay strong. It WILL happen for you.

I hope it happens for you too.

I am scared, I am excited but most of all… I am ready.

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