Grandparents | Daily Prompt: Memories

“Photographers, share an image that says MEMORY”


 Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to provide an image that said Memory, so when I automatically thought of my Grandparents I instinctively knew it couldn’t be just one picture. It was only natural to me to include both of them, because that’s how my memory remembers them. Together.


I really miss my Grandparents. Growing up as a young boy they were always there in my life, important role models that taught me so much. I obviously didn’t notice at the time, but thinking back I realise how much of an influence they had on me.

My elder Sister and I would often go over and stay with them for the weekend, and we would always look forward to it. My Grandmother’s home cooking: Chicken Noodle Soup, Cakes, Meatloaf….tastes and smells I can recall to this day many years on. My Grandfather’s stories of his childhood, relishing in telling us how he always got into trouble and the naughty pranks and situations he would find himself in. His harmonica playing. His incredible good luck at always finding money on his walks out and about.

They would always take us for walks to the parks in Manchester, espcecially in the Autumn searching for perfect ‘conkers’ (horse chestnuts) and the Museums too. Teaching us things, showing us things, letting us explore and discover. It really was a ritual of passing on their knowledge to us, feeding us with new information. My Grandmother, born in Germany would teach us words and to count in German. My Grandfather, a proud Englishman who fought in WWII, would instill manners and good behaviour into us.

It’s a crying shame that I only realised how much I benefited from my Grandparents before it was too late, and sadly they had both passed on. I often wish that I had had more time with them, so that I could show them that everything they had taught me had made a difference.

I Thank You, I Miss You, & I Love You Both Dearly


Mrs I.E. Aspden & Mr T.H. Aspden

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7 thoughts on “Grandparents | Daily Prompt: Memories

  1. Janice Heck says:

    I regret that I did not ask more questions of my grandparents and my parents. I want to know more about their daily lives but can only piece together small bits. Why did my great-grandparents immigrate from Europe? How did they choose where to live? Who helped them? What about the family they left in Europe. Sad to not know the answers to these questions.

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