New Together – A Poem

Sat here waiting by the phone for you to call

Times like these I feel I don’t know you at all

Will you say yes, or will it be another no

And if that is the case, then it is time for me to go.

Just want to know now, one way or the other,

Am I wasting my time, should I really bother?

Inside I am hoping, that you will prove me wrong.

Just pick up the phone, why is it taking you so long?

I really like you, in fact I think it’s more.

But how can I tell you, when I don’t know the score?

If you just show me that you feel that way too

Then we can begin to do the things that lovers do.

It’s nearly midnight, yet I’m still wondering why,

Whether everything is still ok between you and I.

Smoked all my cigarettes and finished off my drink,

Had too many hours pass where all I do is think.

And then I hear the telephone as it begins to ring.

And deep inside I’m filled with joy as my heart begins to sing.

You say Hello, and say lets meet

I start to float right off my feet.

A second chance you’ve given me.

You won’t regret this, wait and see.

This time tomorrow we will be in each others arms

And time will stop for hours while we trace each others palms.

I’ll look into your eyes and know that you will be the one.

And you’ll look straight back into mine, and know that we’ve begun.


© Matthew T. Aspden

Palm lines


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