Fighting Hate (aka Banish the Bullies) – A Poem

The spoken words fractured her soul, as her tormented being was indefensible

Against the hate directed at her. Defenceless and tired she was slowly

Destroyed from within.

The written word healed her heart, the knowledge that care and understanding

Were there for her after all. A friendship so strong, a barrier against the ill feelings

From the jealous spite of an unwanted acquaintance.

“Know that I am here friend, a protector and defender” My words to her.

As my voice was heard, her eyes told me she understood. Nothing else

Needed to be said, for she now knew. And from that, she took comfort.

So she rested. And she healed. And she became stronger.

And she learnt.

And forgave.

And lived.

© Matthew T. Aspden




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