First Love – A Poem

After all this time, and the years have passed by

I never fully understood why.

Unanswered questions, things left unresolved

Wondering why I ever got involved.

You messed with my mind, you toyed with my heart,

Gripped like a vice, then tore it apart.

I sit here and wonder, how things might have been,

What we could have done, and what we could have seen.

If’s But’s and Maybe’s, that’s all that it was

A life never known, and all because

You couldn’t commit, you couldn’t say yes,

You couldn’t acknowledge your head was a mess.

Cruel to be kind, isn’t that what they say

But it’s hard to forgive when I’m feeling this way.

Time has now passed, but some feelings remain

An etched mark on my heart, a symbol of pain.

Your new life elsewhere, far away from the past

Enough distance between us, for eternity to last.

I’m now letting go, although years you’ve been free.

And I wish you the best, much love sent from me.

© Matthew T. Aspden


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