Escaping Depression – A Poem

The overwhelming distant dark storm suspended,

Yet waiting, biding its time as it looms and sighs.

A heavy weight it bares, ready to release a downpour,

Of sorrow and regret and doubt.

So I run, yet I look back, ever cautious, but

Is it futile to resist? To try to escape? Or should I stop?

Allow myself to be consumed once again,

Ravaged by darkness and pain.

A strength within me, my heart beats ever stronger,

So I dance and I fly, and I leap up to the sky.

I will not let it catch me, I will follow the sun.

Keep my eyes up ahead, and drift up, on and on.

Escape the darkness for a little longer, and enjoy the view

While I am oh so high, looking down at this happy place,

I should visit more often, with the warmth on my face

And the wind on my back.

I feel calm. I feel happy. I feel safe.


© Matthew T. Aspden

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2 thoughts on “Escaping Depression – A Poem

  1. Written Intuitions says:

    You captured that “dreaded feeling” so perfectly. Very well written.

  2. Excellent poem. My depression doesn’t usually give me any warning, but I wish it did. I’d love to be able to fly away and/or outrun those feelings.

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