Untitled – A Poem

This is the Poem I wrote that was selected to be published in “Into The Shadows – A Collection of Poetry”. It’s my first published piece and I hope you all like it too.

The Winter waits, and sighs and breathes,
As Autumn sheds its final leaves,
The light is waning, the air is thinning,
The Nightmare starts with the pale moon grinning.

Mist and fog, entwined together,
The churchyard souls laid bare forever,
Cold as stone, and dark as night
Spirits hiding from the light.

Gnarly fingers, bones so hollow,
Twisted knots, the creatures follow.
The living dead, so much alive,
Pain and fear on which they thrive.

Silent screams and ice cold stares,
Chilling your skin, and raising your hairs,
Panic will get you, all one by one,
Til the nightmare is over and Winter has gone.

© Matthew T. Aspden



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