Early Morning – A Poem

An early morning chorus from the larks amongst the trees,

A hint of glowing sunlight ripples through the clouds with ease,

A million blades of meadow grass all swaying in the breeze.

The lonesome couple walk the land, companions side by side,

The only two to witness how the twilight tries to hide,

Strolling through the country letting nature be their guide.

The day is slowly warming as the clouds begin to break,

The morn’s first host of wildlife all gather by the lake,

Companions watch in silence as they see the land awake.

Not a word is spoken, as the morning starts the day,

Dew drops slowly sprinkling from the dried up splints of hay,

Petals slowly open as the flowers start to sway.

The early morning sunlight, cascading on the lea,

Nature’s great performance, for everyone to see.

© Matthew T. Aspden

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