Sometimes | A Poetic Tribute

After hearing about the extremely sad news of Robin Williams passing early this morning, it struck a chord with me personally. Depression has many levels and affects many many people in different ways. Some people cope…some…don’t. I was inspired to write a small piece of poetry in honour of an amazing man who brought so much, to so many.


Sometimes it’s a desperation, sometimes it’s a head full of lead.

Sometimes it’s a endless nightmare, sometimes you’d rather be dead.

Sometimes it’s a saddened heart, sometimes it’s a distorted mind.

Sometimes it’s a fear within you, sometimes it’s a daily grind.

Sometimes you just can’t explain it, sometimes it’s always there.

Sometimes you let it beat you, sometimes it isn’t fair.

But sometimes the days are lighter, sometimes the fog does clear

And sometimes the love of others reminds us why we’re still here.

Belong | Original Lyrics #1

Tonight is moving so fast and I just want to be with you.
But I’m stood still, waiting for the clouds to break through.
The night will fade around us, a chance for us to see.
That time aint running out on you and me.
No, we got each other, and the days will last.
They will keep on coming, they’ll become our past.
Yes, we have a future, when tomorrow comes.
Without you I’m lost.
But with you I belong.
Yes I belong.
Yes I belong.

Promise | A Poem

You have fallen from grace, like an Angel in black.
Having lost your spirit, you’re trying to get back.
You’ve been strong for so long now, it’s ok to feel weak
It doesn’t mean this is over, however troubled or bleak.
You might have made the wrong choices but we all do in time
Things are going to get better, I promise all will be fine.

White Flag | A Poem

Do we ever really know someone
When you think there’s trust when it could be gone?
And you’re scared its too late to be making amends
Cos you thought you’d always be the best of friends?

You feel like you cant do right for doing wrong
When all you really want is just to get along.
And you’re tired of feeling like you’ve made a mistake
Cos you feel like you’ve had more than you can take.

Over thinking situations over in your head
When really there’s plenty more to be said.
But you’re scared of the hurt that you might cause
By expressing your feelings, so you put them on pause.

I miss how it was and want to go back
To sort this all out and to get back on track.
I love you so dearly, a real special friend.
And hope this is something that we can amend.